A Few Words About Us

Gandhi Study Centre, established in 1978, is a registered body with the aim of spreading the message of Mahatma Gandhi especially among the youth and students. Founded by Sri T.D.Tirumalai (1921-1993), two full time staff and unstinted support by the volunteers, in the true Gandhian spirit, has made the institution unique. The Centre has 14 declared objectives that can be summarised as:

To present a new life style.

To revive the spirit of love and friendship that was generated by Mahatma Gandhi in his life.

It is by projecting an integrated view of life that Mahatma Gandhi lived, we hope to make an impact on the public. Again his programmes and activities were based on oneness of life, his open-minded approach to the problem of uniting all the forces and his way of tackling the divisive forces are to be effectively communicated so that they would generate unity and integrity in our country.

Wednesday Study Circle

Regular book review meeting to cultivate reading habit. For past three decade we have been conducting weekly meetings and now has become a platform for lively discussion on contemporary issues.

Contact Class

We conduct contact classes for our own students of the Let us know Gandhi.

Videos about Gandhi